Better price-performance ratio than with diesel generators and complex time-limited network connections

  • Lower life cycle costs due to low maintenance requirements
  • Greater availability
  • Long-term investment security due to intrinsic environmental compatibility
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The life cycle costs of an emost Butler are lower than those of conventional diesel generators. Although their purchase price is higher, there is no need for expensive maintenance work such as oil changes or overhauls. Additional advantages are the higher unit availability and investment security even in a CO2-free world (no exhaust gas regulations in the world can stop the Butler). These are characteristics ‚Äč‚Äčthat no generator manufacturer can offer today. And while we are on the subject of planning security: Without the annoying consumption of diesel, you are not exposed to the risk of market-dependent operating costs.


Fulfills all regulatory requirements – today and in a CO2-free world

  • Investment security through total avoidance of CO2 emissions
  • Compliance with the requirements of the EU standard Stage V
  • Compliance with and proof of CO2 reduction measures
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Diesel generators are exposed to growing regulatory requirements and increased public criticism. One of the declared political goals in the new millennium is the decarbonization of the world. While industry and electricity generation in particular have initiated implementation measures in the last 10 years, the consistent conversion of all gasoline- and diesel-powered devices to electricity is to take place by 2030 (sector coupling). At least since the resolutions on the compulsory shutdown of nuclear and coal-fired power plants in Germany and the ex-post assessment of Euro5 diesel cars, it has been known that politicians are not squeamish in tackling this issue. If you operate a generator fleet, you will be familiar with the EU Stage V standard. This requires the retrofitting of particle filters for all generators from 2020 onwards. When purchasing a new generator, buyers should ask themselves which regulations can be expected in the next 20 years – and whether it is realistic that today’s generators will be allowed to reach their technical lifespan. emost also helps you to meet the growing requirements for CO2 reduction. With our integrated service platform (more information below) you can conveniently record your charging and discharging processes and thus document your CO2 savings. We obtain our components from certified suppliers with whom we have also agreed on environmentally friendly disposal and recycling.

Energy Quality

Superb supply quality allows the use of sensitive devices

  • Allows the use of sensitive consumers whose supply by diesel generators is difficult or impossible to manage
  • Avoids today’s practice of having to provide oversized generators
  • Enables the use of generator sizes suitably tailored to demand
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Sensitive devices place high demands on power quality. For instance, chargers connected to large battery-operated machines often work unreliably, slowly or not at all. In order to achieve sufficient power quality with a diesel generator, oversized units have so far been provided, which utilize only a fraction of their nominal power. This leads to expensive rent and is inefficient in terms of fuel consumption. The emost Butler provides high quality electricity that allows consumers to function as if they were being used on the mains at home. Our technology delivers a consistently high-power quality up to the nominal output – this means that oversized supply units are a thing of the past. For you, the electricity comes from the socket – the emost Butler takes care of the rest.

Ease of use

Problem-free transport, installation without approval and simple operation

  • Problem-free and flexible transport on the dedicated emost trailer or an alternative loading device

  • Installation without a permit at the place of use means the optimal replacement of generators with a high level of acceptance among the public and your employees

  • Developed for use in challenging environments (robust against water, temperature, dust and vibrations)

  • No leakage of diesel (no need for collecting pan)

  • Plug & Work design, compatible with the industry standard CEE sockets [230 Vac / 400 Vac]

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The emost Butler makes construction site planning much easier, as it can be used anywhere without a permit process. If the required network capacity is not available or insufficient on site, the Butler offers the perfect solution. It combines the advantages and flexibility of a generator with the ready acceptance of a grid connection. Incidentally, this also applies to temporary solutions at construction sites until the planning and approval process for the provision of a grid connection has been completed.

The emost Butler comes standard on a trailer for daily use. If the terrain requires special vehicles (e.g. track or rail vehicles), the Butler can be easily moved with the help of a crane or forklift. The Butler comes in a sturdy housing that can be used wherever there are proper mounting options. Thanks to its 400 Vac and 230 Vac CEE sockets, it is compatible with all common industrial devices – both for charging and for connecting devices. In line with the Plug & Work principle, the electricity comes reliably from the socket so that you can focus on your work. Since the emost Butler has to adapt to your working environment, it is robustly built – water, high and low temperatures, dust as well as dynamic loads are no bother and it only requires low maintenance.


High occupational safety and usability even in closed rooms, as there are no harmful substances or noise emissions

  • Comprehensive work safety
  • No emission of pollutants
  • No noise emissions
  • Fully applicable in confined spaces
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The health, safety and satisfaction of your employees and customers are your most important objectives. The Butler supports you by avoiding harmful substances and can therefore be used, for example, when working in closed rooms or during tunnel construction. It also helps to reduce noise – the Butler is so quiet that customers forgot to switch off the system in the evening. It is CE certified so that you do not have to worry about occupational safety issues.


Professional monitoring and control by an integrated service platform (IoT platform)

  • Continuous control through transparent monitoring of fleet and performance
  • Support in loading logistics and system optimization
  • Efficient data processing for subsequent analysis and administration
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For each unit our service platform provides a set of live information detailing for instance its current location as well as technical parameters such as its state of charge or system temperature. The support team within the organization (at construction companies or equipment rental facilities) can thus actively advise site technicians without having to be present. Thanks to our analysis software, those responsible on the construction site also receive a notification if individual components are working below expectation, if there are signs of operating errors (e.g. the system was accidentally left on overnight) or if the batteries are approaching a low charge level.