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you intend to rent or buy

In order to demonstrate the full benefits of our Butler units, we offer various options.

Option: Demonstration in workshop or on a construction site

Demonstration of the emost Butler on your premises either in the workshop or on a construction site. Use of your equipment with the Butler to give you the assurance that your requirements will be met. Simply arrange a meeting with a technician and a commercial representative from emost.

Option: Use at construction site

Risk-free use by you and your team for several days / weeks. The aim is to integrate the emost Butler into daily routines and to demonstrate its reliable application on your construction site.

Rent / purchase

Commercial agreement a the long-term use of the Butler.

In autumn 2020 we will mainly focus on (long-term) rentals of the emost Butler. A purchase will also become possible from the beginning of 2021.

Do you have any special wishes or requirements? Our dynamic team is there for you and will find solutions with you.

you intend to become a service partner

An emost Butler, like an electricity generator, is best integrated into a broad service & distribution network. In order to promote environmentally friendly electrification in the construction sector as quickly as possible and to be able to offer our customers the best of service, we seek communication with strong sales partners. Do you operate a construction machinery rental company, rent out generators or work closely with the construction sector, the event industry, blue light organizations or companies that use electricity generators? Contact us. We would be happy to expand your product range with sustainable, economically and ecologically sensible emost Butler systems.

We work closely with you to make expanding your portfolio a success. This includes training your staff, support in solving complex questions and problems, and the complementary use of our service platform.

Contact for service partners: