“Enabling the transition to a renewable world”


We promote developments towards a world with a better quality of life, characterized by significant reductions in CO2 emissions, air pollution and noise. The aim of emost is to provide electrical energy wherever it is needed – regardless of the existing infrastructure. Sector coupling and the associated electrification of (almost) everything is one of the big trend topics of our time and emost will actively contribute to a successful energy transition. So that you can take care of your work, we take care of the necessary supply infrastructure.


The idea for project emost (electric mobile storage) was born in 2017 on the occasion of a workshop conducted by Axpo’s “Renewables” division at the Albert-Heim Hütte in Switzerland. The project objective was to replace diesel generators in various industries including construction, event and cinema. After successfully onboarding multiple Service and Distribution partners, the project was placed into the emost AG in 2022. An independent company set up to enable rapid growth throughout Europe.

emost team

Stefan Gradwohl

Head Operations and Hardware Development

Dr. Kris Drabik

Head Strategic Partnerships

Philipp Lütolf

Head IT and Software Development

Michael Schösler

Head Sales

Jürg Nötzli

Product Developer

Danijela Nenic

Head People and Culture

Bhawesh Kumar Singh

Fullstack Web Developer

Dominik Suter


Board of Directors

Dr. Christoph Sutter

Chairman of the Board

Pascal Stuerchler

Member of the Board

Stefan Schneeberger

Member of the Board