Green energy. anytime. anywhere.

Renewable energy is available to the world in abundance. The emost Butler storage system represents a solution for its efficient and needs-based distribution to consumers, even away from the power grid. 


The Butler satisfies six important E-quality criteria: Economy, Ecology, Energy Quality, Ease-of-use, Enhancement and Empowerment.


Welcome to the world of green off-grid energy.  

Welcome to emost.


With a passion for sustainability

Our innovative mobile storage systems deliver emission free electricity wherever you need it.

Developed accordint to Swiss engineering standards.

Butler s – mobile unit for smaller needs
Butler m – mobile unit for medium requirements (in the design phase)
Butler f – flexible battery solution for large needs (in development)

The “E” quality features at a glance:

  • “Economy”: Better price / performance ratio than with diesel generators and complex or time-limited network connections
  • “Ecology”: Fulfills all regulatory standards – not only now, but also in a CO2-free world
  • “Energy Quality”: Allows the use of sensitive devices (noise-free sinusoidal waveform, always within the specified voltage and frequency tolerances)
  • “Ease-of-use”: Permit-free and simple installation for rapid construction site mobilization, problem-free transport and simple operation
  • “Enhancement”: High occupational safety, can also be used in closed rooms, as no pollutant or noise emissions are produced
  • “Empowerment”: Professional monitoring and control through an integrated web-based service platform

Areas of application

The right product for a wide range of applications.

Entry sector: construction companies

Nowadays, generators powered by fossil fuels are often used for power supply on construction sites, most of which will have to be costly upgraded or replaced in the future due to new regulations and increased public criticism.

Here emost offers itself as a sustainable partner with its economical Butler product enabling:

  • Reliable power supply when the required network capacity is not available on site or is insufficient.
  • Reduced costs when connecting to the grid thanks to its smaller cable dimensions combined with a battery.
  • Fast response times by avoiding lengthy planning and approval procedures.
  • Use in closed spaces such as buildings or tunnels.
  • A flexible use of equipment that is difficult to achieve if the mains connection is switched frequently.

Further areas of application

The emost Butler leads to cost reductions and makes a contribution when also used by Blue-Light Organizations, in the transport sector (especially at charging stations for e-cars), in the event industry (festivals, trade fairs, food trucks), in temporary construction and in the uninterrupted emergency power supply contributing to environmental protection and an improved level of quality of life.


Customer satisfaction provides our energy for growth

“The availability of the emost batteries in our machine park greatly facilitates our construction site planning and enables quick and efficient mobilization after receipt of a construction order. From an occupational health and safety perspective, they make an important contribution to environmental protection and to increasing safety in the workplace. “

Armin Keller

Head of Workshops & Security Officer

“The use of the battery on one of our construction sites took away a great deal of concern, as the available power connection did not support crane operation. After several weeks of reliable continuous operation, it can be determined that the battery can be set up flexibly, is extremely easy to use and enjoys a high level of acceptance among our workers. “

Renato Bamberger


Would you like to find out more about us, our products and services? The Swiss Baumeisterverband presented our innovative system in its specialist magazine edition July 2020.


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